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Problem Mushroom

March 17, 2011


What’s a problem mushroom?  In my opinion pretty much any mushroom which happens to be on my plate.  I’m not a massive fan of mushrooms, it’s the texture, the smell, the look and the taste of them that I have an issue with.  That said, I don’t go around telling people I don’t like mushrooms, […]

Ryder Shmuck

October 5, 2010


To get an even better idea of the scene think Braveheart or Gladiator and pumping up the soldiers ahead of battle. The head marshall, a man with a had adorned by more badges than a Boy Scout could ever dream about walked the line of Marshalls and announced, "No Marshall shall ask any players for an autograph. Anyone with that thought can get on the other side of the line as you are not a marshall." I couldn't stop myself, I interjected, "...but you can ask them for a badge for your hat!"

Announcing the Apple iApple

September 21, 2010


Steve Jobs walks onto the stage in front of a packed theatre in San Francisco. He thanks everyone for joining him (amidst rapturous applause - for walking onto the stage!) and nonchalantly takes an apple (a red one) out of his pocket and takes a bite. He chews on it for a while and there is silence in the auditorium, the expectation building all the while.

What if Apple marketed a…

September 16, 2010


If you’re here looking for the Pope, see the article below this one… Apple are seen by many as the sole purveyors of great marketing.  You might agree or disagree on that one, but they certainly have an approach which they apply consistently to everything they do – which can’t be a bad thing.  So, […]

If you’re here looking for the Pope

September 16, 2010


I’ve had a lot of visitors in the last few days after searching for the Pope (at least that’s what Google tells me).  You might have been a little disappointed by what you’ve found, so I’ll try and do my bit to help. I do have an article looking  at marketing Catholicism which might be of […]

Is there a lesson to be learned from BANKSY?

August 3, 2010


BANKSY breaks all the rules. He is a vandal.  He doesn’t commercialise his product- the outside art at least, which is free (obviously).  He won’t reveal who he is.  Need I go on? You put these rule breaks together and what do you get?  A global phenomenon. It just goes to show that sometimes you […]

Prediction #2 | apps, apps and more apps

August 3, 2010


The world and its dog (dogs are well serviced here) seems to be getting on board with the app revolution.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  We are a throw-away culture, everything we consume has followed the same path over the years and that path is all about reducing our time spent in consuming and the […]

Why the little details matter

July 30, 2010


The brand is more than a logo and a pretty picture or two, it's the way a company behaves in every interaction.