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The Loyalty Misnomer

September 8, 2010


In theory, the more loyal your customers the more they'll pay for your product. So, put the price up for the most loyal customers and tell them that if they are truly loyal to your cause then they'll happily pay for the pleasure. Also, if your customers are loyal then they ought to protect your interests from others. So, rather than asking customers to save and send in coupons, ask them to send in competing brand's promotional advertising which they've removed from the supermarket aisle.

Is there a lesson to be learned from BANKSY?

August 3, 2010


BANKSY breaks all the rules. He is a vandal.  He doesn’t commercialise his product- the outside art at least, which is free (obviously).  He won’t reveal who he is.  Need I go on? You put these rule breaks together and what do you get?  A global phenomenon. It just goes to show that sometimes you […]