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Work-Life Balance

April 8, 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates last week but I’ve been a very busy boy, which neatly segues into the meat of today’s whinge: work/life balance. The video below is Corning’s idea of the future.  I assume Corning make glass given the content of the video, but for all I know they could be into eugenics […]

The problem with Twitter…

September 7, 2010


@Twit-Twats - Nothing to do with Kit Kats this, but every to do with @BorisJohnson announcing that Wiff-Waff (Ping-Pong) is coming home at the 2012 Olympics. You see, these people tweet in response to anything, in a never-ending dirge of nonsense, almost as frequently as a ping-pong ball is struck in a rally. Their next tweet could be, "I've just been for number twos", they really don't care but they think you should. Avoid these people - don't follow them.