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Youth Marketing

March 10, 2011


Every morning on my walk to work I play chicken with a six year old.  I must point out that this isn’t through choice.  I don’t make it part of my constitution that I must play chicken with a child before picking up my morning coffee (which is invariably a morning tea anyway).  It’s him, […]

Personalised marketing just isn’t

February 28, 2011


Who’s bright idea was it to personalise marketing communications?   This strategy emerged alongside the introduction of computers as business tools in the eighties.  To begin with I imagine it was a novel experience, getting mail with your name on it, but back then it was novel to actually own a television – things have […]

Needless Naming

October 18, 2010


When the MoD decides on the hues for their camouflage paint jobs are they aided in the task by stupid names?  I can just imagine the command: I’ll have an intercontinental ballistic missile in “jade green” with an accent of “puce”!  (I know puce is pink, but I’ve never written the word in my life and couldn’t […]

Ryder Shmuck

October 5, 2010


To get an even better idea of the scene think Braveheart or Gladiator and pumping up the soldiers ahead of battle. The head marshall, a man with a had adorned by more badges than a Boy Scout could ever dream about walked the line of Marshalls and announced, "No Marshall shall ask any players for an autograph. Anyone with that thought can get on the other side of the line as you are not a marshall." I couldn't stop myself, I interjected, "...but you can ask them for a badge for your hat!"

This isn’t a re-brand, honest

September 24, 2010


First and foremost - this isn't a re-brand. Okay, I'll admit that it looks an awful lot like a re-brand, but let me explain. I've previously bemoaned the marketer's desire to re-brand at every opportunity, so you could forgive me for doing just that. But, what happened was this...

What George Michael needs to do now

September 22, 2010


Sometimes brands lose their way. This happens for a lot of reasons, sometimes a brand's success is what ultimately dooms it to a future in the toilet. Metaphorically speaking of course, not literally apart from a few instances in the detergent sector and of course our focus here, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. Incidentally I think 'Panayiotou' would make a great name for a toilet cleaner.

What if Apple marketed a…

September 16, 2010


If you’re here looking for the Pope, see the article below this one… Apple are seen by many as the sole purveyors of great marketing.  You might agree or disagree on that one, but they certainly have an approach which they apply consistently to everything they do – which can’t be a bad thing.  So, […]