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This isn’t a re-brand, honest

September 24, 2010


First and foremost - this isn't a re-brand. Okay, I'll admit that it looks an awful lot like a re-brand, but let me explain. I've previously bemoaned the marketer's desire to re-brand at every opportunity, so you could forgive me for doing just that. But, what happened was this...

What George Michael needs to do now

September 22, 2010


Sometimes brands lose their way. This happens for a lot of reasons, sometimes a brand's success is what ultimately dooms it to a future in the toilet. Metaphorically speaking of course, not literally apart from a few instances in the detergent sector and of course our focus here, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. Incidentally I think 'Panayiotou' would make a great name for a toilet cleaner.

Scotland the brand of the brave

September 10, 2010


Everything: people, places and products are brands.  You don’t have to have a planned, structured and designed brand to have a brand.  Every individual has a brand – their brand is the way they look, the way they speak and the way they behave.  Every place is also a brand too, not only that, they […]

What if the church re-branded?

August 13, 2010


...shame though, I was looking forward to the new business cards and some new bunting for the fete...

Be brave and tell the truth

August 9, 2010


Subway: "Going underground is where you'll end up if you eat our food every day."

Plotting the influence of a brand

July 31, 2010


Watching my child playing with his toy car it struck me that he really wouldn’t care if the car was a Kia or a Ferrari – good for him. At what point does brand start influencing? I guess that everyone has their own individual pattern, but most would follow a normal distribution curve. There comes […]

A brand extension too far

July 30, 2010


I feel every bit the beach volleyball player