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Anti Social Apps

March 25, 2011


Someone at work sent around a link to a “cool” new app for iPhones, called “Color“.  The name alone made my hackles stand on end, metaphorically speaking as I don’t have a hairy back… yet. Although at the not-quite fully ripe age of 35 it’s only a matter of time before my body gives in […]

Announcing the Apple iApple

September 21, 2010


Steve Jobs walks onto the stage in front of a packed theatre in San Francisco. He thanks everyone for joining him (amidst rapturous applause - for walking onto the stage!) and nonchalantly takes an apple (a red one) out of his pocket and takes a bite. He chews on it for a while and there is silence in the auditorium, the expectation building all the while.

Prediction #2 | apps, apps and more apps

August 3, 2010


The world and its dog (dogs are well serviced here) seems to be getting on board with the app revolution.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  We are a throw-away culture, everything we consume has followed the same path over the years and that path is all about reducing our time spent in consuming and the […]

The worst ad campaign of the moment

July 28, 2010


...(the ads) show Michael Owen, Shay Given, Gareth Bale and Wes Brown (yep, I had to look up the last two) with faces like they're suffering from a collective bout of serious constipation, leaving a tunnel to presumably get onto the pitch and strut their stuff.