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Sleepwalking in a social media nanny state

August 17, 2010


I'm sorry, it's bad enough when a shop assistant, albeit a posh shopping assistant, looks down their nose at you in a posh shop. Can you imagine the first time a vending machine does that to you - how's that for your morale? Anyway, as far as I can tell from the video, the vending machine only vends to good looking people. Poor Joseph Merrick, not only was he called 'The Elephant Man', but in tomorrow's society he couldn't even get an ice cream as the vending machine wouldn't be able to recognise him as a human being.

Prediction #4 | As technology improves we (the consumers) will get worse special offers

August 10, 2010


The internet is the consumer’s best friend.  It has brought us the power of comparison.  That might not be the power  you’d want if you were challenged by Superman to an arm wrestle.   Also, if I order the same dish as someone else at a restaurant I can’t help but take a look at […]

Prediction #2 | apps, apps and more apps

August 3, 2010


The world and its dog (dogs are well serviced here) seems to be getting on board with the app revolution.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  We are a throw-away culture, everything we consume has followed the same path over the years and that path is all about reducing our time spent in consuming and the […]

Thinking about the future (incl my prediction #1)

August 2, 2010


As a marketer the nearest I've gotten to science in my career is when I've hired Futurologist (they've got an ology so they must be scientists).